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At Schwabl’s, We Offer You Buffalo Signatures… And Our Own Style

Buffalo has offered many tasty and important contributions to American cuisine. The roast beef-on-kummelweck sandwich is one of its first and longest-running icons.

The kummelweck roll is believed to have been created in Buffalo by German baker William Wahr. Our kummelweck rolls are prepared fresh daily to further ensure you are truly enjoying the best roast beef on kummelweck you will have not only in Buffalo but in all of America.

But that’s just the first of our signature foods. Here’s some of what else we have to offer:

Fish fries – We offer two varieties. Our fresh, tender and NEVER frozen haddock is available daily. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can also choose yellow pike. Both are lightly breaded and gently deep fried. We also offer scallops and shrimp if you’re feeling like trying a different taste from the sea.

Hungarian goulash – The Schwabl’s German roots trace to near the Hungarian border. When the family came to America, they brought a goulash recipe that, to this day, we follow with loyalty. It is prepared with a Hungarian paprika that results in a unique flavor, and is served over fresh bread dumplings or real hand-mashed potatoes.

Turkey Sandwich – We offer many variations, hot or cold, as a dinner plate or as a hot gravy sandwich. We slow-roast our own fresh turkey breasts. Our gravy is homemade with fresh vegetables: onions celery, carrots and additionally seasoned with a bay leaf.

Hot Ham – Try it either cold or hot! You can have a cold ham sandwich on rye with Swiss or try it with our special clove-seasoned tomato sauce, a Schwabl family recipe dating back to 1837.

Surf & Turf – Choose between haddock or yellow pike, sliced or on a sandwich alongside our signature roast beef. Served with your choice of potato and pickled beets or cole slaw. It’s our original twist on a classic pair!

Soups – We’ve made more than 100 homemade soups, all original recipes, all staying true to original recipes while sometimes offering added modern flairs, including Liver Dumpling Soup (Wednesdays) & Chicken Spaetzle & Chicken Wing Soup (with bleu cheese crumples on top).

Poutine – Choose from regular, turkey (cheese curds, turkey gravy, fries), and beef on weck (uses cheese curds, fries with a a little caraway on top. We offer the classic Canadian trio of cheese curds, fries and gravy but have added some Buffalo into the mix.

Pretzel Sticks – These are deep fried, not baked, resulting in a chewy, flaky and lighter pretzel. These are served with your choice of homemade beer cheese and honey mustard sauces.