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We Carry On The Schwabl Family Traditions, While We Built One Of Our Own


When Cheryl Staychock first came to work under Ray Schwabl, Sr. in 1990, little did she know that, one day, she and husband Gene would be handed the reins to a Buffalo institution and be entrusted with traditions and recipes carefully guarded and maintained by generations of Schwabl family members.

The building that has been home to Schwabl’s since 1942 had a previously existing family tradition running. It was the site of the former Semlitsch’s Tavern and, when Cheryl began working for Schwabl’s as a server, JoAnn was still a fixture in the restaurant, sitting where she did as a child when her grandfather was tending bar and her grandmother worked in the kitchen. She was still there when Cheryl and Gene took over the Schwabl’s business.

But as that family connection would soon end, new branches of a new “family tree” would emerge.

There’s Sue, who came in before Cheryl, who brought her own daughter as a waitress. Barbara, a longtime dedicated employee, brought her daughter in. Our head waitress, Cindy, brought her son to work here (and he still does). In fact, there have been several long-term employees who, over the years, have come to Schwabl’s and brought sons or daughters into our extended “family.”

There’s even a husband and wife (other than Gene and Cheryl) who continue to serve Schwabl’s customers with pride. Justin, who has been with us for 17 years and counting, married his wife Yana six years ago, after which she too joined the Schwabl’s family.

We have loyal staff who have been here at least 10, 20, and more than 40 years. Collectively, we offer you more than 200 years of experience and commitment to quality. They are the warm, familiar faces that help make Schwabl’s feel like home. And it’s our everyday task to make sure your visit feels like coming home again!